Bar/Bat Mitzvah Prayerbooks

Give all your guests a prayerbook with exactly your service
PLUS transliterations, explanations, Torah and Haftarah
and nothing to skip


Your Service

Your custom-designed siddur will include all the prayers, songs, and readings of your service, in order,
with none of the extra prayers that regular prayerbooks need for holidays or other seasons.
Your guests will follow the service easily, page by page, including the Torah and Haftarah portions right in the Torah service.






Your Cover

Every siddur cover we make is unique, designed to reflect your family’s style and interests.
It can be based on one of the popular CUSTOMSIDDUR GRAPHICS in any color,
on your INVITATION, your child’s ARTWORK, photographs of ISRAEL, a TALLIT or other ritual object,
your child’s SPECIAL INTERESTS, or many other categories.






Your Writings and Graphics

Anything you write can go into your siddur:
a welcome letter for your guests, a dedication, a memorial page, an original prayer or poem.
Your own artwork can go on a separate page, or it can be wrapped around the sacred text.
If you find beautiful readings or artwork, we will be happy to help you get permission to use it.





Kohelet cover


If your bar or bat mitzvah falls on a holiday, we can include Megillat Esther, Ruth, or Kohelet,
Chanukah blessings and songs, or whatever is appropriate.
Or CustomSiddur can make you a special booklet with just the Megillah.