Siddur Prices

All of our perfectbound books are professionally printed by top-quality book printers. They include your entire service in Hebrew and English with transliteration where you want it, Torah/Haftarah portion in Hebrew and English, full-color custom-designed cover, and letters, memorials, an honors list (participants in the service), or anything else you want to write.
We have no minimum number of books, but it doesn’t make sense to print fewer than about 30 copies.

The cost for a totally customized siddur:

  • Design/layout – $500
  • Printing/binding 44 pages or less – $3.25 per copy
  • Printing/binding 45 pages or more – $4.65 for the first 100 pages
    $.02 for each additional page

BOTTOM LINE: You can have 100 books for under $10 each, or 200 books for about $7 each.

Torah Parashah or Megillah Booklet Prices

Our Torah/Haftarah or Megillah booklets have full Hebrew and English text, full-color custom-designed cover, and room for a short welcome letter and honors list (participants in the service).

The cost for a Torah/Haftarah or Megillah Booklet:

  • Design/layout – $200
  • Printing/binding – $3.25 per copy
Custom Siddur